We provide you with the opportunity to add an Account Hero to your team, who will manage your accounting and taxes, and keep you audit proof through our affordable accounting solutions!

Getting caught up on your taxes is simple!

Our Tax Heroes are able to work with you, to get your taxes up to date and out of the way! We can answer any questions you have, help get all of your forms together, and help you better plan for future tax filing.




You may not be a tax expert, but we are! We will help you get caught up on your taxes. We will explain your tax situation to you, while we prepare your return, to help you better plan for your future. We also provide year-round support to all of our clients, so you are never alone, or left in the dark when it comes to your taxes!




Accounting and financial records and reporting, can turn a failing business into a profitable business, and can turn a profitable business, into an extremely profitable business. You may not know it, but by using the “shoebox” method of accounting, you may be losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in taxes and income. Having accurate, and up to date accounting records, also helps you make better business decisions, and identify theft and opportunities that you may have missed. Let us help you take your accounting to the next level!




You may have your taxes in order, and your accounting up to date, but where do you go to get information on government grants, business loans, tax planning, investing, and more? We have partners who can help you in all of those areas! Whether you personally need consulting or you need consulting for your business, we can help answer your questions and get your finances sorted out. Contact us today, to get some financial consulting support!


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We are a Toronto based Tax and Accounting company, who’s aim is to help Canadians – both new and old – get their taxes prepared and filed, and to help your business grow and succeed. We offer a unique approach, by travelling to our clients, saving you time and money.

80% of Canadians File Their Taxes Online
70% of Canadians Hire a Tax Professional
42% of Canadians Consult a Tax Professional

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If you have a question related to your personal tax, business tax or business accounting/bookkeeping situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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